Semedia Overview

SEMEDIA Overview

Search Environments for Media

SEMEDIA started in January 2007 and ended in June 2009. SEMEDIA has developed a collection of audiovisual search tools that are heavily user driven, preserve metadata along the chain, and are generic enough to be applicable to different fields (broadcasting production, cinema postproduction, social web). SEMEDIA lives on in the tools that were developed in the project. Click below to see the demos and try out the tools!


The overall objective of SEMEDIA was to create new methods, environments and widely usable tools for media labelling, searching and retrieval from very large collections of heterogeneous data, building on and extending research in media technologies, web semantics, AI, content-based IR and interface design.

The results, see the Demonstrator below, are expressed as innovations in the form of:

    • retrieval and data-mining models for multimedia objects;
    • plug and play modular search tools to sit on a wide range of media management platforms;
    • query interfaces that integrate secure access and rights management; and
    • usage based annotation and feedback models for multimedia objects

SEMEDIA Final Event London at the BBC on June 26th, 09

SEMEDIA Final Event in Santoni at the CIVR conferene on July 8th, 09

Report on the London and Santorini SEMEDIA Final Events